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Findpaydaylenders.com (Interchangeably sometimes referred to as “our” or “we” or “Website” or “Site” or “findpaydaylenders.com” or in other ways), owns the exclusive rights and controls the website found at www.findpaydaylenders.com, (the “Site” or “Website”).Throughout this website and on links outside of it, the loans that are marketed are referred to: small cash loans, cash advances, borrow cash until payday, 24 hour payday advance, short term cash loan, urgent payday cash, payday loan, loan, cash loan, or other similar labels, all of which may be interchangeably used. Lenders will be interchangeably referred to as affiliates, network lenders, payday lenders, providers of products or service, or many other terms. The Site offers and maintains its site in order to provide information, relying on your full acceptance, without any alteration of any condition, terms and notices herewithin. By utilizing and gaining access to the website, you knowingly accept and approve, without restriction, to the terms below:


You specifically recognize and unconditionally approve that findpaydaylenders.com doesn’t lend, doesn’t credit or issue products that are found on its websites. The products and services that are featured on this website and/or offered after, before or during the process that you have receive a financial product from one of the affiliated companies or product sellers or service providers that issued that product, are by and stay as, the exclusive obligation of the particular product sellers and service providers.


Any and all receipts that you receive in the electronic format or any and all other types of order-type confirmation are not an indicator of approval of your requested funding.Further, it doesn’t mean a validation of the proposal to funding. Findpaydaylenders.com maintains and upholds the exclusive right to accept, reject or deny your application whenit is submitted or any reasonable time thereafter.Thissite may require that you provide additional authentications or data prior tothe acceptance of an application request. Findpaydaylenders.com carries no liability to theapplicants that cannot be financed, are rejected or failed to qualify for a loan if you as the applicant aren’t qualified for any reason, at our discretion, for funding of your requested loan or product.


All users of the Site must be at least 18 years of age. Furthermore, you agree and acknowledge that you’re not allowed to utilizethe Site, or any of its related content, for illegal, illicit or prohibited practices.


You voluntarilyand knowingly warrant that you will obey all statutes, laws, regulations, decrees and local and national rules in regard to the any use of this Site and any use of any3rd party partners or affiliates of the Site during the process that you may enter or buy products or services from the same. This Site, in its exclusive and sole discretion, shall report any actual or possible alleged abuses of any law to the appropriate agency, law administration, government agency, or other proper authorities. If findpaydaylenders.com is made aware or knowledgeable of the possible, or even alleged, violation of any termor condition that is mentioned in this Privacy Policy, through formal complaint or otherwise, the Site has the right, however is not obligated,to implement its own internal investigation in order toascertain the exact nature and/or scope of any alleged violation and to the extent allowed by law, the extent of recovery and protection from liability that is possible. During the courseof any type of investigation, findpaydaylenders.com has the discretion to suspend any and all products or services, so long as such suspension is compliant with laws. The Site also has sole authority to decide whether or not and how long to keep or eliminate consumer information or data if keeping it would harm the Sites internal server, if consumersare under the investigation,or if topermanently eliminate any data, material, or information from the Site’s servers on that consumer is for protection of the Sites servers. Moreover, you voluntarily agree to cooperate fully, completely, and honestly in case of any inquiry or investigation. You further understand that if you happen to violate Privacy Policies or Term of Use clauses, itmay lead to severe criminal or civil repercussions in appropriate courts of law.


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This Siteattempts to make the best effort to assure that all data on the it is accurate, howeverwe can’t assure any precision. Findpaydaylenders.com gives no warrantyin regards to the accuracy or result of content on thisSite as to its accuracy, reliability, or any other matter, whether presumed or not. NEITHER THESITEOR ANY OTHER INVOLVED PARTY IN THE MAKING, DISTRIBUTING AND/OR PRODUCING THESITE SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EXCEPTIONAL, ACCOMPANYING, CONSEQUENTIAL, DIRECT, UNINTENDED OR DISCPLINARY RECOMPENSES RESULTED BY THE USE OF, ACCESS OF, THIS WEBSITE, BY YOU. EVERYTHING VISIBLE TO USERS ON THE SITE IS PROVIDED IN AN AS IS STATE AND DOESN’T PROVIDE ANY TYPE OF WARRANTTY, WHETHER IT BE EXPRESSED, IMPLIED OR UNDERSTOOD, THAT INCLUDE BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED OR OTHERWISE UNDERSTOOD WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, WHETHER QUALIFIED FOR SPECIFIC REASONS OR ANY NON-INFRINGEMENTS. The aforementionedrestriction, exclusions, and prohibitions are applied to the most maximum extent permitted by laws in each state and authority.


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The findpaydaylenders.com Privacy Policy, combined here by reference, is applicable to any and all of the information that is provided through thiswebsiteis accessible at “https://www.findpaydaylenders.com/privacy-policy”. This Privacy Policy describes and explains your rights and the website’s responsibilities in regards to the use of personal information you’ve provided. The website won’t use this personal information in a way that is not related to purposes and to restrictions that isn’t mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Moreover, you fully understand and more importantly approve that the website, in its exclusive and sole preference, may from time to time change the Privacy Policy. Therefore, you agree that, by gaining access to and using the website after these changes take place and become operative, You agree to these same changes. You knowingly agree thatyou won’t use the site if you don’t agree to these changes.


This Website uses safe technology for the purposes of safeguardingthe personal information you provided. While the website has taken the utmostreasonable actions in order to offer security tothis information, findpaydaylenders.com does not assure that the data won’t be accessed, seized, decrypted or deciphered by outside sources. You agree that findpaydaylenders.com will not be held liable for such access, interruption or decryption.


You acknowledge that Findpaydaylenders.com is not your agent in any capacity and is not an agent of any of the cash loan issuers or any other company or affiliate supplying services or productsin regards to your personal choice to acquire a fast cash, quick loan or other monetary-type offering. Thiswebsite might receive reimbursement from3rd party affiliates when they sell products, facilities or services. Thesefacilities, services or productsmight or might not be related to the use by You of this Site. Therefore, You knowingly approve and ascend to any referral or reimbursement agreement thatmay take place as your result of your use of this Site.


You knowingly agree that any and all legal action held against us will be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, without respect to conflict of law values. You alsoagree that venue and exclusive power for a lawsuit arising from your involvement in or requests made through findpaydaylenders.com will be an appropriate Federal or State Court located in Arizona. Thiswebsite make no representations that the content within is suitable or legally accurate for useor application outside the U.S.A. If you’re outside the U.S.A. and access this website you’re permitted so on your own initiative and are therefore exclusively liable for application and submission to that of local law in your jurisdiction. If there is an invalid clausefound in these Terms of Use, that clause will be struck however remaining clauses will remain in tact and be enforceable.


The website strictly reservesits right to modify or reviseany of these Terms of Use on this site on a regular or non-regular basis. The use of findpaydaylenders.com by you after a revision establishes thatyou approve and acceptthe new and/or revised terms and conditions.


By using findpaydaylenders.com, you knowingly approve and guarantee to hold the website, its agents, its affiliates, its employees and/or an other partner, inoffensive from any type of loss, demand, claim or liability, that includes reimbursement of any and all reasonable attorneys’ fees, originated by 3rd party affiliates or companies that is a result of your attempt or actual use of this Site.


By using and accessing this Site, you fully comprehend and knowingly approve that findpaydaylenders.com, at its sole and exclusive discretion, without notice, may terminate your ability to access the Siteor to any services or productsmade available on the Site. You further agree that we may delete any and all content you’ve submitted to us if the site believes that such material may abuse or is in violation to Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use or that you’ve abused, to whatever degree, laws and/or the privileges of thiswebsite.


All rights, whether provided specifically or not, are exclusively entitled to that of findpaydaylenders.com. Titles used in the Terms of Use are for your convenience and shall not affect any interpretation and/or any structure thereof and hereof. Any minute failure to perform and/or hold upon and/or impose firm the performance of any part of any part of the Terms of Use won’t be construed as waiver or any decision to relinquish any right. If there is a section of the Terms of Use that is interpreted by a court to be that of an invalid clause or even unenforceable, it won’t affect such sections or other clauses of the Terms of Use and these terms will continue in force and applicable effect as if written without that clause. These Privacy Policies and Terms of Use make up the entire agreement and understanding between the parties in respect to what is illustrate herewithin and fully replaces, if any, all prior written, expressed, or verbally made agreements in connection with the same.